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1 year ago
Angela T

This item really does help lower Blood Suger levels while curbing the appetite. I will be reordering.

1 year ago

I purchased this product for my mom to help lower her blood sugar naturally and she has seen tremendous results. In the last three months of her taking this she has seen a significant reduction in her blood sugar levels and a reduction in how much she is eating which has helped her lose weight. she is extremely happy with this product!
(she would have left the review herself, but she’s not so good with computers).

1 year ago

Easy to digest and I see and feel the result
Will continue to purchase

2 years ago
Amanda S

I used it to control my blood sugar levels. This product worked wonders. Now my blood sugar level is very much within the limits.

2 years ago
J Smith

I've been on blood pressure medication for a long time but, I still had the muddle-brain feeling daily plus I felt shaky most mornings until I ate. I tried stopping coffee. That didn't help.

I started the Blood Sugar Ultra about 6 weeks ago. Now, I drink coffee again. I don't have hunger needs every morning. No more muddled brain and blood pressure down. Also, reduced appetite. May not work for everyone and my doctor never heard of it but, I am sold. Just ordered new bottle.

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