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Why is K2 D3 with MK7 beneficial ?

Why is K2 D3 with MK7 beneficial ?

Taking K2 D3 with MK7 as part of your daily supplement regimen is an excellent way to promote overall health and wellbeing. These vitamins work together to support healthy bone density and immune function, as well as cardiovascular health.

Vitamin K2 helps to activate proteins that play a crucial role in regulating calcium deposition in bones, preventing the buildup of calcium in arteries, and supporting healthy blood clotting. Meanwhile, vitamin D3 helps the body to absorb calcium more efficiently, preventing conditions such as osteoporosis.

The addition of MK7 to this combination further enhances the benefits, as MK7 has been shown to improve bone strength and reduce the risk of fractures, as well as support cardiovascular health by reducing arterial stiffness and increasing arterial flexibility.

Taking these vitamins together can be especially beneficial for those who are at risk for osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, or who struggle with maintaining adequate vitamin D levels due to a lack of sun exposure or dietary sources.

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