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Braxton Labs designs and delivers the purest, most bioavailable supplements and skincare ingredients to nutrition-conscious individuals. We are committed to innovative development to bring you the finest formulations that science and nature have to offer.

Our mission is to provide our customers with expert formulations derived from cutting-edge nutritional science, medical esthetics, and the latest innovations from doctors, researchers and skincare experts. Our research team is led by a group of passionate MDs and scientists with over 25 combined years in the nutraceuticals and cosmetics industries.

Braxton Labs formulas are unique, with a focus on maintaining the integrity of our naturally sourced materials. Braxton ingredients are premium, and we strive to source non-GMO, certified-organic, and raw or minimally processed. We constantly work to improve our processes to make these amazing products affordable.

From ingredient-sourcing to product design, materials specification and distribution, our focus is on making true wellness accessible without sacrificing quality. We research and source combinations that deliver maximum effectiveness and wellness to the body with simple formulations.

Hemp seed oil and CBD oil are different all-natural compounds with numerous potential health benefits. Hemp seed oil is high in both B and D vitamins in addition to omega fatty acids and other nutritional antioxidants. Use this product to maintain cardiovascular health, immune system, and gastrointestinal conditions. Potential therapeutic benefits of CBD, which contains small amounts of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), include positive results for sleep conditions, anxiety, pain, and inflammation.

Our skincare line contains a patented, proprietary and exciting ingredient called Aqua-Vita, a special form of deionized and biocatalyzed water that has unique biologic properties. Aqua-Vita contains bioactive lipids that are able to deliver rejuvenating and healing oxygen to oxygen-deprived cells. This allows us to create an incredible topical delivery system for restoring and regenerating damaged tissue, further enhancing the effectiveness of the other carefully selected ingredients in our skincare line.

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