Braxton Labs Joint contains a powerful combination of eight herbs and supplements that work synergistically to help repair cartilage, increase joint flexibility and prevent further deterioration. It helps to reduce pain, swelling and inflammation. It is made in an FDA Certified Facility in America and is third party safety tested for purity.

2100mg. 60 Capsules

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  • Helps rebuild and maintain joint flexibility and eases joint inflammation.
  • Improves Bone Health
  • Inflammation
  • Helps prevent further deterioration.
  • While more research needs to be done, early studies suggest that Glucosamine supplements may help prevent the progression of Osteoporosis post-menopause.
  • Glucosamine appears to help reduce the weakening of bones by supporting healthy bone growth. This makes the supplements especially helpful for people who are at risk of developing osteoporosis as they age.
  • Helps prevent further deterioration.
  • Braxton Labs products are made in the USA manufactured in a FDA registered facility under GMP quality controls. Our product is GMO Free, Gluten free and is All Natural. Laboratory Tested.


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